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San Ignacio Lagoon

Indulge yourself in a life changing journey to witness these gentle giants up close. Each year San Ignacio Lagoon is the birthplace of many Pacific grey whales, as well as a stopping point on their 10,000-mile migration. The lagoon, located in the remote El Vizcaino Biosphere Reserve (established in 1988), was once a prime hunting location for whalers. Today, descendants of the survivors have a unique relationship with humans that can only be experienced here.

Designated a World Heritage Site (by UNESCO) in 1993, the community of San Ignacio Lagoon takes great pride in preserving this area for future generations. The extensive mangrove estuaries that border the lagoon, serve as fish and bird nurseries and are an integral part of the lagoon ecosystem. At high tide it’s possible to go through the estuary and watch a variety of bird species. Fill your free time by strolling in the vast open spaces and discover shells and marine bones along the seashore. Or just relax in camp. Finish your days enjoying beautiful sunsets.

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5 days and 4 nights in San Ignacio Lagoon, Mexico

Day 1 Arrival: San Diego to San Ignacio Lagoon

Day 1 Arrival: San Diego to San Ignacio Lagoon

Your adventure begins today! Your host will meet you at the hotel in San Diego and accompany you to the Tijuana airport. From there, a chartered flight will take you to San Ignacio Lagoon. Upon arrival, you’ll transfer to camp by land. After camp orientation, we will share our first meal together and later, you can experience firsthand, the spectacular sunsets of San Ignacio Lagoon.

DAYS 2, 3, & 4: Whale Watching

DAYS 2, 3, & 4: Whale Watching

Weather permitting*, we will spend each day whale watching in the morning and afternoon. Each boat will have an expert guide and local boat driver. We’ll return to shore for lunch and have time to explore around the camp, relax and then set off for more whale watching. When we return you’ll have some time to relax before happy hour, followed by dinner, and a natural history talk. *Days when seas are rough, alternative activities will be offered.

Day 5 Departure: San Ignacio Lagoon to San Diego

Day 5 Departure: San Ignacio Lagoon to San Diego

After breakfast, we’ll provide a sack lunch and load vehicles. You’ll head to the lagoon airstrip where the charter flight will return you to the Tijuana airport. Your host will meet you at the airport and accompany you back to the hotel in San Diego.

Prices and itineraries subject to change.

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